The Forfeited Life: Travel Stop

So how have I sought to live the forfeited life recently?

I felt the nudge from the Holy Spirit to talk to the cleaning lady in a bathroom about Jesus. Michael and I were on our way down to Nashville, TN, for a quick vacation to reconnect, rest, and rejuvenate. Unsurprisingly, I had to use the bathroom approximately every two hours (I am five months pregnant…), and we stopped at one of those major truck stops, there was an employee cleaning the stalls. I had the distinct sense that God wanted me to talk with her, and so I said hello. Then I told her that God wanted her to know that He loved her.

We talked for a couple of minutes—I shared the love of Jesus with her. Her response? A simple, unexceptional, “I know.” There were no lightning bolts from the sky, no tears, no moment of salvation or even a moment of real tenderness. But she got to hear the good news that the God of the universe loved her, particularly and specifically. She heard, maybe for the first or the one thousandth time, that the love of God made manifest in Jesus was actually for her. What she will choose to do with that news is in her hands. My responsibility—of responding to the One who has given me love and life—was to share that love.

It was a small moment of forfeiting for me, surely. It didn’t require a huge sacrifice. But all the same, there was a moment where I chose to stay in the bathroom and talk with a stranger rather than simply walk out and pretend I never felt the Holy Spirit nudge me. Those are the choices I make daily; whether to respond to the whispers of God and forfeit my schedule, my reputation, my time to him, or whether to do what I have planned on doing, regardless of what He is saying. I do not always choose to say yes to God. I want to have a bigger, quicker “yes” to him every moment of the day. This blog is a way for me to choose, even more, to say yes to him. Moments of saying yes—I want a lifetime of small and big yeses to God. I want to live the forfeited life.


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