A Day of Waiting

Ella's baby feet and toes

One year ago today, I was in labor. Ella wasn’t born until the 20th, and there were many hours ahead of me before her arrival. I was excited, a little nervous, and thrilled that she was finally arriving.

Eight years ago today, I was at our rehearsal dinner. Our wedding was on the 20th, and there was only one shell of a day between being single and being married. I was excited, a little nervous, and thrilled to finally marry the man I loved so much.

One day makes such a difference.

There is always a ledge that we wait on before change comes in our lives. For me, the 19th of May is a reminder that waiting on the cusp of that change is also a blessed place.

Waiting can be a place of blessing.

Labor–although difficult and not what I expected in many ways–was a powerful time of unity with Michael as we walked the halls of the hospital trying to speed Ella’s entrance into the world. I stared into his eyes and breathed through each contraction–and I knew that I was not alone. He was with me. The hours we lived through together when I was in labor, prior to Ella’s birth, hold sweet memories for me.

The day before our wedding, full of conversation and a shared meal with our families and the exchange of wedding gifts to one another–that last day of waiting before stepping into marriage was a gift in itself. In that day of waiting I was reminded of the many, many people who loved us and were willing to upend their schedules and travel long distances simply to stand with us and by us as we promised our lives to one another.

Tomorrow is a great day of celebration in our little family. Ella’s birthday, our anniversary–and, amazingly, my sister and brother-in-law’s anniversary as well. We have much to rejoice in!

But today is important, too. I remember the anticipation that leads to these changes–the days and hours and years of waiting that are just as important as the change itself. May 19th points me to a God who is faithful in the changes and the celebrations that life offers, and also to a God who is faithful in the waiting, whether that waiting is filled with nervousness, hope, or hard, hard labor.

We are not alone. He is always, always with us.

How are you meeting God in the waiting of your life this week–or this year?


  1. cathy albery says:

    beautiful one, ann! you might want to add fear to that list at the end…it makes waiting excruciating. love you!

    • Love you too, Cathy! Thanks for reading…and yes, that fear that is overcome by such inexpressible love when the child finally arrives–an amazing thing!

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