Becoming a “Redbud”

Last month, I had the privilege of being welcomed into the Redbud Writers Guild. If you have not yet heard of Redbud, it is a movement of women who are shaping culture through their words, whether spoken or written.

Redbud Writers Guild Logo

As members of Redbud, we aim to “create culture” rather than solely consume it. I love this vision–it helps me remember that I am made to change the culture I live in rather than merely be a part of it. Each of us are made in the image of a creative God who has set his spark in us. How that reflection of his character gets played out in our particular lives is distinct and unique, as it should be. We can sing, dance, design, build, study, cook, rear, cultivate, and do a thousand million other things to reflect the ways that God has made us and has called us to magnify him. But for me, part of my response to God’s salvation and love in my life is to use my words to point to him. The other women who are a part of Redbud have that same response bubbling up from their hearts–that desire to be one of the voices in our generation who speaks and writes about Jesus.

I am honored to join this group of women who are pointing to Christ with their pens, their keyboards, their voices and their hearts. If you want to meet more of them, you can head over to the Redbud Writers Guild website. But be warned–it’s easy to get lost among so many wonderful writers!

P.S. Next Monday, I’m starting a summer-long blog series entitled “So You Say You’re a Church Lady: An Interview Series with Powerhouse Women.” I will be interviewing a woman every Monday about her role in the local church and how she is changing the world in her particular sphere of influence. Make sure to stop by on Monday for the first interview!


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