Ella’s First Birthday Cake Smash

Ella turned one last week, and while we are having her birthday party this weekend, we took some “cake smash” photos a little while ago. The trend isn’t a new one, but the opportunity to put my daughter in a ruffled diaper cover and let her play with a frosted cake sounded like too much fun to pass up!

Ella Cake Smash 4

Ella wasn’t too sure about the cake. She kept grabbing at the frosting and then trying to shake it off of her hand.

cake smash.blog.1

Michael and I were trying to show her how to eat the cake, but she was more interested in eating the green veggie puffs we had with us. We quickly realized the irony in trying to get our child to eat cake instead of “veggies.”

cake smash. blog 4Eventually, Ella started trying to put the frosting in the gift bags. She was a little confused about the whole thing.

Cake Smash Ella 5

We did get some smiles out of her, though.

Cake smash Ella 1

We are so grateful for this little one year old and all of the ways she shows us God’s love and grace. She is a gift from him and we are so thankful to be her parents. Happy birthday, little girl! We love you more than we can express!




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