It’s OK to Want to Be Famous: An Article at RELEVANT Magazine

It's OK to Want to Be Famous at Relevant Magazine by Ann Swindell

Do you ever feel the desire to be famous? I do. Honestly, I think it’s a desire that is inside all of us at some point or another–and I think it’s a desire that comes from God.

How we use that ache for fame, though–that’s a different story.

Wrestling with this idea is what my newest piece is about over at RELEVANT Magazine. I’d love for you to read it and share your thoughts!

The desire to be famous could point you to God...


  1. Great thoughts Ann – But how can we influence others unless we are in all realms of society . . including the public eye as a ‘famous’ person.

    • Jeannie, that is a very valid question–and an important one, I think. My desire in this piece is to point to the motivations that we have–not the outcomes. I don’t think that fame, in and of itself, is morally good or bad. The deeper issue is the heart attitude behind that desire for fame. If God places us in a position where we are famous but we are scratching and clawing for affirmation and celebration from the world, it will quickly become all about us, and not about using our influence for God. If, on the other hand, we know that God sees us already and celebrates us, any positions of influence we do end up having can come and go and it won’t change our sense of worth or value.

      Great to hear from you! :)

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