Clothes, Coffee, and Cloth. Or, Starting Over with Stitch Fix: How I Got My Best Fix Ever

I don’t write much about clothes; in this space, I share a lot about my life and what God is doing in it, about what he’s doing in the world, about how I encounter him in unexpected moments. Occasionally, I’ll highlight a company I believe in who is doing amazing things in the world: Hand & Cloth and Sweet Aroma Coffee are two of my favorites (if you haven’t heard of these organizations, do yourself and the world a favor and hop over to their websites to read about their meaningful missions).

Starting Overwith Stitch Fix

Here’s the truth: the most important thing we should put on every day is love. Still, the other truth is that we all have to wear clothes (at least in public!), and Stitch Fix can be a great option. If you haven’t heard about it, head to the bottom of this post to read about it.*

While I’ve tried Stitch Fix several times, I just recently got a box of clothes where everything worked for me. I’d gotten a few boxes that had been hit or miss; this time, my stylist nailed it. Here’s what I did differently:

  1. I overhauled my Style Profile, and I got ruthless with it. I cut out any color and fabric and style I really didn’t like and stopped trying to leave too many options open for my stylist. I’m up for trying new things–the scarf in this Fix was just that for me–but I also don’t want to be wearing orange.
    Pixley Analisse Anorak Jacket Cargo Jacket www.annswindell.comThe Analisse Anorak Jacket: a cargo jacket in a color I love. Win! 
  2. I started a Pinterest page solely for my stylist and gave her the link. High maintenance? Maybe. But if I’m going to spend money on a stylist/clothes, I want her to have as much information as she can on my style and what I’m looking for. I pinned 20 images of styles and items that I wanted to try, and pointed out specific ones that I really wanted in my notes.
    Fierro Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater and Evergreen Dream Multi-Bead Necklace from 31 Bits www.annswindell.comThe Fierro Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater
    and Evergreen Dream Multi-Bead Necklace from 31 Bits 
  3. I told my stylist exactly what I was looking for. In the past, I had mentioned that I loved cardigans. But I got cardigans that were too short or too thin. This time, I told my stylist that I wanted something to cover my rear…and guess what I got? Yep, a long-ish cardigan. Also, I knew I wanted a 31 Bits necklace (another great company!) in bright colors and asked for one. That’s what I got. Our stylists aren’t therapists or best friends. They can’t read our minds. If you really want a total surprise, don’t fill out the notes section. But if you actually need a new pair of high-waisted skinny jeans, don’t just say that you need jeans. Tell your stylist that you need high-waisted skinny jeans. Just like I can’t expect my husband to read my mind, I can’t expect my stylist to read my mind, either. Communicating with a Stitch Fix stylist is just like communicating with anyone: be honest, be clear, be kind. And know that she has her own limitations, too; she can’t get you everything you want. As with Stitch Fix, so with life: you can’t always get what you want.Colton Marled Knit Cardigan and Timber Vintage Plaid Infinity Scarf

  4. The Colton Marled Knit Cardigan and
    Timber Vintage Plaid Infinity Scarf

*Here’s how Stitch Fix works: you order a “Fix” (a box of clothes) based on a style profile you fill out about yourself–colors, sizes, styles, patterns, lifestyle. A stylist picks five items for you (from sweaters to scarves to earrings to skirts to jeans), which are sent to you in the mail. The five items are a surprise! You try on clothes at home with the wardrobe you actually have, keep what you love, and send the rest back in a pre-paid envelope. It’s remarkably simple.

Why I like Stitch Fix in this season of life:

1. I’m not in a season where I can spend much money on clothes, and I can set my price point with Stitch Fix. Also, if I buy all 5 items in the box, there’s a 25% discount on everything.

2. I don’t have to leave the house. Three words: Toddler. Time. Winter.

3. I can get a “Fix” as often or as rarely as I want. I don’t get mine regularly (although many people do); usually, I request a box when I have an event coming up where I need a specific item (a dress for a wedding, for example).

4. The cost is a $20 styling fee, which goes toward any item you purchase.

5. Stitch Fix works for women in almost any season of life. From teenagers to retirees, they’ve got clothes for women in many stages, sizes (even maternity!), and professions.

If you want to try Stitch Fix, please click this link and I will get a referral credit. And let me know how it works out for you!


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