A Holiday Gift Guide for Writers

It’s that time of year; gift guides are popping up everywhere! And although I’ve never done one before, I wanted to toss my two–or ten–cents into the ring. As a writer who spends her days at the screen, here are my best practical tools and quirky options for the writer in your life (even if that writer is you!).

  1. Twelve South Book Book Computer Case.
    I get questions about my book case all the time. I’m not overexaggerating; I’ve had this computer case for about three years and probably have someone ask me where I got it about once a week. The cover looks like an old book, and for a book-lover who loves to write, this is the ultimate computer case, in my opinion.

Gift Guide for Writers at www.annswindell.com

2. Writing with Grace six-week writing course
This is the writing course I’m teaching January through February! The course includes six weeks of live classes to strengthen your voice, craft, and writing ability, along with interviews from the editors of three national magazines. It’s going to be an amazing six weeks (read about the course schedule here!)–and the gift of growth is one of the best gifts to give yourself or the writer in your life!

Writing with Grace, a six week course for writers. www.writingwithgrace.com


3. mStand Laptop Stand
As writers, we’re often hunched over our laptops, essentially killing our necks in the process. A laptop stand like this keeps our eyes at normal height, and looks sleek in the process.
Writer Gift Guide at www.annswindell.com


4. A cheeky writing pillow.
I couldn’t keep myself from chuckling when I found this pillow. For a person constantly immersed in words, this made me laugh. As writers, we need to be serious about our craft, but not too serious.
Writer Gift Guide at www.annswindell.com

5. A great writing book.
Bret Lott has written a thoughtful book for Christian writers in Letters and Life; this is a wonderful read and a helpful book for anyone who wants to grow in the craft and in matters of the heart as a penner of words.

Gift Guide for Writers at www.annswindell.com

6. A sturdy bag for hauling books and notes.
I’m in the process of writing my first book, and I cannot even tell you how many books I am hauling       around in the research stage. Between carrying around my laptop, notes, and books, this bag is beautiful in size and function. Plus, I think this company is wonderful!

Writer Gift Guide at www.annswindell.com

7. A hoodie for keeping warm while writing.
With a true sentiment. Warm, snuggly, and it involves coffee.
write and coffee hoodieWhether these gifts are for you or a writer in your life, enjoy!

A Holiday Gift Guide for the Writer in Your Life

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