When Your Dreams Feel Unseen

When Your Dreams Feel Unseen at www.annswindell.com

Last year, my daughter and I planted a cantaloupe plant in our front garden right before summer got into full swing. I am the epitome of a black thumb, so it was an act both of faith and of craziness, and I wrote about it in the last chapter of my book, Still Waiting.

That chapter is perhaps my favorite chapter of the entire book, and while it’s about this particular cantaloupe plant, it’s also about the ways in which God cares for us and meets with us even when our prayers seem unanswered. It’s a chapter about faith and looking ahead and trusting that often, what we can’t see is making way for something more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.

I’ve had some readers ask me about the cantaloupe plant that I reference in Still Waiting, and I wanted to give you an update, albeit a year later:

Cantaloupe and God's faithfulness at www.annswindell.com

Cantaloupe and God's faithfulness at www.annswindell.com

Yay! That little cantaloupe plant grew and grew–in fact, the vines overtook the whole of our tiny garden and eclipsed anything else in the plot. And finally, as summer turned into fall, my daughter and I celebrated the growth that God did in that tiny seed by eating the literal fruit of his faithfulness.

So, just a reminder for you today, friend: if it feels like your dreams and hopes are in the ground, unseen…God sees you. He knows your heart and he hears your prayers. There is a day coming when you will see the fruit of your faith. I don’t know when that is; only the Lord does! But he is faithful and there will be a day of reaping the spiritual harvest you have prayed for.

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If you haven’t read Still Waiting yet, can I encourage you to pick up a copy? No matter what season of life you’re in, my prayer is that this book will strengthen you in your own walk with the Lord and remind you that you’re never alone. 


Still Waiting by Ann Swindell



  1. It’s days like today, I’d rather be dead. I have the worst sinus infection ever, I have fibromyalgia with no pain relief, my husband has distanced himself from me (doesn’t want anything to do with me), my older son has become his father all over a 2008 Mustang that I should of never helped him get, it’s practically in repo status. My youngest loves me but also doesn’t have time for me, so I’ve been lying here all day, in pain, sicker than a dog and wonder why I’m still here at all… I so would rather be dead, no pain, no sinus infection, nothing…

    • Maria, I am in a very painful season of my life as well… please know that I care and lift you up in prayers… keep trusting God for He is the only one who loves you unconditionally…

    • nothing like chronic physical pain and chronic broken heart pain to drive your hope right into oblivion. I’m so sorry maria. But even that you clicked on this post is an evidence of God’s grace working in your heart and situation, keep being honest with Him about your pain and disappointment :( get women that love Him into your boat with you even if it’s the hardest thing. The church of God is for these darkest valleys when we can’t even lift our own head. Jesus would you bring a breakthrough of hope to maria in this season and courage to persevere in trusting Your love for her!

    • Maria, I am praying for you right now and asking Jesus to meet you in the middle of a challenging season. I’m sorry things are so hard. Jesus knows exactly what it is like to feel abandoned and broken, and you can trust him with your pain. <3

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