Stewarding Your Passions in the Season of Motherhood

How to Steward Your Passions in the Season of of Motherhood at

This is the start of my newest piece for The Gospel Coalition. You can read the whole piece here! I love to write; it’s one of the ways I feel most connected to God. Before my daughter was born, I wrote for several publications. But when she came … [Continue reading]

When Your Dreams Feel Unseen

When Your Dreams Feel Unseen at

Last year, my daughter and I planted a cantaloupe plant in our front garden right before summer got into full swing. I am the epitome of a black thumb, so it was an act both of faith and of craziness, and I wrote about it in the last chapter of my … [Continue reading]

Writing Your Story Can Change Your Life

Christian Writing Course at

I started writing my story years ago; long before I was anywhere near a book contract or a marketing team, I felt that the Lord was inviting me into a process of writing my story down and--in the process--meeting him in the middle of it. I'm not sure … [Continue reading]

Waiting and the Gift of Unanswered Prayer

The Gift of Unanswered Prayer at

I'm always honored to write for Desiring God; this is the start of my newest article for them. You can read the whole of the article here! I have been praying the same prayer for healing for more than twenty years. If you’ve been praying for … [Continue reading]

Transformed by the Bible

How Reading the Bible Will Transform You

This is my newest piece for incourage. You can read the whole article here! I was twenty years old, fresh into my junior year at my Christian college, when Dr. Dorsett — an aging professor with a shock of white hair and thick spectacles — … [Continue reading]

Do You Have a Book Inside of You?

Ann Swindell, author and speaker

The Writing with Grace: Book Proposal Workshop is open! I couldn't be more excited! Do you have a book inside of you?  Do you have a plan to make that book a reality? To move from ideas and drafts to chapters and cover design? If you're … [Continue reading]