Goal Setting for the Non-Goal Setter

PowerSheets by Lara Casey

I'm married to a man who LOVES to set goals--he has entire systems for goal-setting that help him live intentionally and thoughtfully throughout each year, month, and day. I deeply appreciate this about Michael; it makes him focused and purposeful in … [Continue reading]

Easy Ways to Encourage Your Pastor

Easy Ways to Encourage your Pastor! www.annswindell.com

This is the start of my most recent article for the Deeply Rooted Magazine blog. You can read the entire article here! I love church. I really do. I love the Church with a capital C—the church universal that Jesus died and rose for, filled with … [Continue reading]

Come and Write Your Story

Come and Write Your Story at www.annswindell.com

This is the start of my newest article for The Gospel Coalition. You can read the article in its entirety here! I’m not gifted at comprehending my own spiritual growth while still in the midst of it. I don’t typically live through trials and … [Continue reading]

Yes, the World Needs Your Story

The World Needs Your Story www.annswindell.com

This is the start of my newest piece for Darling Magazine. You can read the whole article here! For those of us who find ourselves drawn to the written word, the pull toward pen and paper is more than just a hobby. It’s a lifeline. Many of us … [Continue reading]

Write Your Story, Change Your Life

Write Your Story www.writingwithgrace.com

I started writing my story years ago; long before I was anywhere near a book contract or a marketing team, I felt that the Lord was inviting me into a process of writing my story down and--in the process--meeting him in the middle of it. I'm not sure … [Continue reading]