Still Waiting Releases Today!

Still Waiting by Ann Swindell
The day has finally arrived! Still Waiting releases today!

I can hardly believe it, to be honest. I signed the contract for Still Waiting back in November of 2015, and at that point, April 4 of 2017 felt like a lifetime away. In the thick of finishing the writing, combing through edits, choosing a cover and setting up a launch team, April still seemed like a far-off reality.

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But now, we’re here, and my story is out in the world!

Ann Swindell, author of Still Waiting

Someone asked me what my dream is for Still Waiting, and I’ll tell you the prayer that I’ve been praying since I signed the contract: I’ve been asking the Lord to be glorified in and through my story, praying that this book will draw readers to the goodness and trustworthiness of Jesus as they walk through their own waiting seasons in life. That’s what my dream is–for readers to know they’re not alone, and that God is good toward them as they wait. 

If you’re in the middle of any kind of waiting–waiting for healing in your body or mind, waiting for restoration in a relationship, waiting for financial breakthrough or for life to get better–I know, in part, what that’s like. And I wrote this book for you. I’ve shared some of the weakest parts of my own journey in Still Waiting with the hope that you will encounter God’s love in these pages.

I would love for you to buy a copy and let me know the journey that you’re on, too.

The opportunity to write this book has been absolute grace at every turn–from the amazing team I’ve gotten to work with at Tyndale, to the hundreds of people who have helped me get the word out, to my dear family who have carried me through the years and months of writing, editing, and marketing. It’s a team effort to write and publish a book, and I’m fully convinced that I have been the one who’s been the most blessed to be a part of this group of people!

Thanks for celebrating the release of Still Waiting with me! If you haven’t already, I’d love for you to pick up your own copy of the book!

You can also help me get the word out by talking about the book with friends and family, requesting it at your local library, tweeting about the book, and sharing about it on Facebook or Instagram! I’m so thankful for your love and support, dear friends!


Still Waiting Cover Reveal

I’ve been writing a book this past year, and have spent the last few months crystallizing edits with my powerhouse team at Tyndale. It’s hard to believe that nine months have passed since I signed the contract; we have less time than that before it releases in April of 2017!

One thing that I’ve loved about the process of seeing this book come to life has been the excitement generated around the cover. I’ll share more later, but Tyndale walked me through a really helpful and empowering process when it came to designing the cover of this book. Although their design team creates the cover, as an author I had a clear hand in the tone and feel of the design, which I was deeply thankful for.

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The cover matters so much to me because as much as we say otherwise, the truth is that we really do judge a book by its cover. Whether we’re perusing the stacks at a bookstore or clicking through pages online, it’s the front of a book that initially draws us in or pushes us away. My hope is that this cover will draw you in and thrill you as much as it has thrilled me!

I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here it is!

Still Waiting book at

Isn’t it beautiful? This cover encapsulates so much about Still Waiting in one image. I’m amazed at how the design team captured both the beauty and the ache of trusting God; they nailed the feeling of yearning, and yet the rich colors point to the vibrancy that can be found even in waiting seasons. The handwritten title adds a softness to the cover without being overly dramatic.

In short: I love it. LOVE IT.

This cover blew me away the first time I saw it, and I’m so thankful that it will be the “face” of my first book. I’ll be sharing more about the book-writing process in the months ahead, but I wanted to let you be the first ones to catch a glimpse of the cover!

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Oh, and if you want to pre-order Still Waiting, you’re in luck. You can pre-order it here!

So, what do you think? Do you love the cover as much as I do?

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Courage, Writing, and Publishing: My First Book

It’s a story a lot of people tell: that they’ve been writing since they were children, that they’ve been writing even when no one was reading, that they’ve dreamed about writing books for most of their lives.

That’s my story, too. I’ve been a writer ever since I learned to use words. First, I was writing my name and my age; a little later I was writing stories in blank books in second grace. Fast-forward a bit and I was writing my first poems, my first journal entries (diaries with locks and keys, anyone?), and then I was writing high school essays and fiction vignettes.

My first book contract:

Photo by Ann White Photography

In college, I learned to write outside of my comfort zone. A few souls–professors and fellow lovers of Jesus–led me through the forest of words with their own machetes, and once they led me far enough, deep into the thick of language, they handed the knife to me. I started learning to cut out words in college, to make language mean in the ways I wanted it to, and to take risks to alter my voice on the page in surprising, exciting ways.

These are things only writers really care about–the lilt of a sentence, the shape of a phrase, the cadence of a line. And I found, the further I went into words and story and the grinding turn of revision, that I met God in the process of writing in deep, deep ways. I loved that when I wrote, I felt his nearness; I felt, more than anything, at home. I loved writing not only as a hobby or a passion, but as a career and as a calling. And so, I went to graduate school.

There, in graduate school, I was stretched nearly to the point of breaking–not because I was so wonderful as a writer, but because I felt so weak. I remember my first workshop in my MFA program, when I realized how weak my writing was. The other writers sitting around me used words more deftly than I did, and they commanded language with a precision I did not yet have.

And I had a choice. Was I going to keep writing? Was I going to keep trying? 

No one was reading my words, other than a handful of friends and family. No one cared if I kept writing, or if I didn’t.

But I felt the courage of God to try, and to try again, and to try yet again. I stayed the course in graduate school because I wanted to see if I could do this–if I could write with power and grace and if I could find my own voice. And through the guidance of more professors–women who love Jesus and who wield words like flame–I learned. I grew. I found my voice as a writer.

That was years ago. I have still been writing, and I have been teaching, and I have still been seeking to grow and learn and stretch as a crafter of language. Although I write many places, I have been sharing my story and my heart in the form of a book that I have labored over in the quiet of libraries and coffee shops, unsure if anyone but Jesus would ever read it. I started this book not because anyone required it, but because I believe that this is part of the story I have to tell.

And just this past month, the team at Tyndale House Publishers offered me a contract to write this book with them. 

I am more honored than I know how to say.

I am more humbled than I can express.

And I am grateful to the Lord for the chance to write a book about my story that is, hopefully, a book that is ultimately about His story and his presence in the world. 

I can’t wait for you to read it. Although, you’ll have to wait–until 2017. Sorry! But in the interim, I’m going to write my heart out and, with His grace, seek to make this a book worth waiting for.

Thanks for celebrating with me!

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